The Ottawa Chatter and Health Promotion

Part A

Sherry and her friend Mike comes from the New South Wales. The friends are 12 years old. Sherrys mother reports that over the weekends, Sherry comes home intoxicated and with alcohol smell. Mike, as well drinks sporadically and becomes violent with her friends when under the influence, Mike becomes physically and verbally abusive. The two have seen significant drops in school performance. Mikes parents have engaged counsellors in several occasions and is considering rehabilitation programs. Sherry is under intense school supervision; however, this has not changed her behaviour.

Part B

In Australia and many parts of the world, people consume alcohol for enjoyment. However, a number of people have involved in excessive consumption that risk their lives as well. A report made by The Report of the Chief Health Officer, 2016 captured an alarming trends in alcohol consumption in NWS. The report has also captured alcohol topic on violence, education, prevention, and in...