Case Study 2: Occupational Safety

Part A

Henric is a 11 years old student in a school Brisbane. Henric works in a drug store owned by one of the major distributors in Australia. Since they are only a few staff in the store, they work from six to eight in the evening. Henric complains of fatigue, poorly ventilated store, and that sometimes the employer only promises to pay on a later date. Henric is contemplating quitting the job but is worried on where he will earn his pocket money. At one point, Henric was diagnosed with a back problems working in the ward as a result of working over the ladders for hours. The doctor cited poor ergonomics in the store that negatively impact the patient. She was advised to talk to her boss over the matter.

Part B

Data from the Key Work Health and Safety Statistics, Australia, (2013), shows that most countries in Australia still suffers work safety challenges Australian Government, 2018). Henric adds to the 200 million labour children worldwide and his case is not exception...