Case study 3: Food and Nutrition

Part A

Jamie is 6 years’ old first born daughter to Henrik family from the coastal area of New South Wales. Jamie recorded breathing loss up to three times a night during her sleep time. She feels cranky in the mornings and find school preparation cumbersome and while at school, teachers complain of her excessive sleeping behaviour in class. Her medical history shows that sometimes during her visit to hospital she recorded loss of sleep at night, sleeping with open mouth, enuresis, sleeping with open mouth, and restlessness. The doctor determine that Jamie was overweight and her problems were associated with obesity.

Part B

Based on 2015 report, the prevalence of overweight and obsess primary school attending children hit the highest, 22.9% with 7.1% identified as obese (Chaput, Saunders, Carson, 2017). In secondary school, the figures were 21.7% overweight and 5.8% were identified to be obese (Chaput, Saunders, & Carson, 2017). Additionally, morbid or severe obesity incre...