Case study 4: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Part A

Liz is a 10-year-old gal from Cunnamulla diagnosed with schizoaffective. During her referral, Liz had history of attacks on her family members as well as on public spaces. Her attacks have been associated with CDís mental health challenges. She was recorded to have delusional beliefs, periods of frustrations, bouts of anger, and deep depression. Liz has a troubling family background; she does not have a decent home while her parents spends most of their lives on sedentary jobs. Her father is an alcoholic and sometimes fails to come home for several days or weeks. While under treatment, Liz has been placed under home care by the hospital team.

Part B

In Australia, one in every four people experience mental health problem within a 12-time frame. However, only 20% of men and 30% of women seek professional help. Among these, they fail to receive evidenced based and timely care (Mindframe, 2015). 45%, almost half of the population within the age 16-85 experience mental il...