Summary and Double Entry Journal

The Walmarting of American Education


This article published online on 4th of October 2016 reports that Walmart made public its planned action to close nearly 269 of their retail stores in the month of January 2016. As such, AlterNetís reporter cautioned that the announcement was only substantial news to small to suburban communities and small towns that the closure affected directly but it failed to get significant media attention. Another crucial report that is evident from this article is that Walton Family Foundation (WFF) made an announcement of a five-year strategic initiative to use billion dollars towards expanding and promoting charter schools situated within 13 United States cities as well as states. To support this report, evidence gathered from Education Week report confirms that WFF embarked on a strategy of doubling its investments in the area of school choice.

            In a similar report of Salon, drawn from Goyal Nikhilís book section on School o...