Fashion Entrepreneurship

My personal mission statement in life has always been ‘there is possibility in making a difference.’ Growing up, I learned the significance of having goals that reflect your mission, that way your mission will make an impact in your life. Clarity and definition of purpose forms the base for achieving personal goals.

My father in his youthful years established a fashion company, which he dedicated most of his time. I developed interest in helping him grow that company. After high school, I committed my free time to assisting with activities in the firm. While aiding in the company I developed values such as hard work, commitment, teamwork, and leadership. These values might have changed or grown over time, however I can confidently attribute my success to them. During my involvement in the company, my main aim was to make a difference in the fashion industry, this goal eluded me every once in a while because of failed attempts but my focus remained fixed on the goal.

When the ...