Carnival Cruise Lines: The Practice of Public Relations

Public relations determine how a business engages with the outside world. Effective communication with the stakeholders ensures that the business maintains a good rapport with the people that drive it. In the absence of good public relations, a corporation will be deemed to be unresponsive to customer queries, a fact that may make it lose business (Seitel, 2013, p.21). Public relations are especially important in the event of a crisis. Any business entity must develop good public relations as a way of improving its public image or averting a major crisis.

Brief Description of the Case

Carnival Cruise Lines was a reputable company that owned a large fleet of cruise ships. On the night of January 13, 2012, the company suffered a major blow when one of the ships, Costa Concordia, struck a rock and water started seeping in. In contravention of established maritime rules, an order to evacuate the ship was not given, despite its close proximity to a nearby island. In the ill-fated ...