Adults Asthma

Risk Factor
Kankaanranta et al., (2016) highlight that adult asthma is a major cause of mortality/morbidity throughout the globe and is also linked with emerging comorbidities in adults such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, mental disorders, and diabetes. The available literature on asthma has been conducted on healthy patients. However, in reality, comorbid infections are common in adult patients. Various factors are thought to predispose adults to the risk of developing asthma. The infection can occur to anybody without any risk factors involved, but it is less likely to occur when there are no predisposing factors present.
The composition of asthma is made up of a series of heterogeneous phenotypes that vary in etiology, presentation, and pathophysiology (Ilmarinen, Tuomisto, & Kankaanranta, 2015). Each phenotype suffers a range of risk factors that include the host, environmental, and genetic factors. Asthma infections have increased globally over the past few decades, with no...