Boeing Financial Profile


The Boeing Company (BA) designs, produces, and sells airplanes and its related parts. According to Naim-Zade (2), the company is considered as the largest producer of aircraft and the leader in aerospace, security systems, jetliners, and defense. The present paper will examine the aerospace giantís financial profile; clearly describing its current financial status, the most impactful decision made by the company, and its five year prognosis. In addition, the paper will also provide suggestions that should improve the financial viability of the company if efficiently implemented.

Boeingís Current Financial Status

In the third quarter of 2019 fiscal year, Boeing Company reported an estimated revenue of approximately $20.0 billion (about 21% loss from its reporting in the third quarter the previous year), generally accepted accounting principle (GAAP) earnings per share of about $2.05 (50% loss from the 3rd quarter in 2018 financial year), and a non-GAAP core earn...