Beautify Inc. Case Study

Beautify Inc. is a multinational retail company that operates various chains of boutiques and jewelry shops and stores. The company operates in the U.S and other nations (approximately 4769 stores worldwide) and primarily produces and sells goods to targeted customers. It is managed from the national headquarter and all the local stores aim to satisfy the customers.

Four major suppliers supply all goods unless there is a deficit or scarcity in all the suppliers. They also outsource raw materials and produce their own jewelry products such as beads and necklaces. All products received are documented in the main database with each item given a unique bar code for identification and sales tracking. The products are sold either via cash or credit card. Suppliers are allowed to pay in credit cards or bank cheques.

Whenever there is deficit in an item or set of items, the orders are collected by the central computer located at the headquarters and then transmitted to the vendors, s...