Assignment 2: Using SCRUM, DSDM, and Lean Software Development


Currently, the agile technique has been significantly utilized in project development. Fustik (2018) indicated that the agile methodology comprises of numerous techniques, which includes the Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM), eXtreme Programming, Lean Software development, SCRUM, AUP, Kanban, and RUP. This paper will primarily be based on SCRUM, DSDM, and Lean Software Development. It will analyze the manner in which projects are planned and executed under each framework, the benefits and trade-offs for each framework, and possible obstacles and risks associated with the utilization of the frameworks as well as the strategies utilized by managers to control the obstacles. Additionally, the paper also recommends key actions that can be applied to mitigate the associated risks.

  1. SCRUM

It is an incremental and iterative agile technique that endeavors to manage complex knowledge tasks through clarity, vitality, and openness among teams to create a rapid evo...