Foreign Stock and Currency Exchange Project

Fin 4604, Fall 2019

There exists various stock markets, and therefore, it is difficult to identify the most appealing market to invest in. The month of October has not been very productive to various stock markets based on the Brexit uncertainty and the US-China trade deal. By the end of the third week of the month, there had been positive developments on the ultimatum of the two challenges, which led to improvements on various European and American stock market values. This paper will provide a comparison of the FTSE 100, DAX, and S&P 500 stock markets from the 21st to 25th October 2019, providing the various factors that potentially led to gain or decline in the stock market values.

FTSE 100

            There were slight changes in the FTSE 100 stock market values during the third week of the month of October. McCarthy (2) indicates that this was created by the fact that trade was exercised with caution based on the existing uncertainty over Brexit future, which deeply a...