Article: The Ontology-Based Event Mining Tools for Monitoring Global Processes by Abrosimova, Irina, and Lyudmila


In this section, the article defines the Event Mining Platform, which is the platform that permits for the analysis of the information derived from internet sources, and organizing of the data to allow for effecting of process mining as per the event log format. The monitoring system for this platform is characterized by the multi-faceted ontology (a combination of various types of ontology). Additionally, the section indicates the main goal for the article, which is providing users with the knowledge to self-reliantly grow the understudied field with minimum limitations.


The internet is a source of all types of information and thus the data extracted and processed has no organizational, geographical, time and disciplinary limitations. The section highlights an approach that entails the implementation of visual construction models of the internet retrieved process and the aim of process mining methodologies, which is processing organized data from ev...