You be the Ethicist

The Problem

The scenario presents a case in which the religious beliefs of a patient impact on his medication. Family and caregivers have failed to mutually agree on the suitable care plan for the situation, with each party believing that their stand suits the case.

The Process

The most suitable process in this scenario is the initiation of a diplomatic conversation with the family to let them understand the impact of their decision to the patient.

Who is affected?

Based on the scenario, the patient, parents, and caregivers are affected. Tyrell is the patient and therefore any decision made affects his medical condition negatively. It is up to the parents, on the other hand, to ensure good health to Tyrell. In many cases, parents base their decisions on spiritual beliefs, which makes it tough to go against since it would offend them. This though should not be the case for caregivers and judges when the life of a child is at risk. The caregivers should thus find a way...