Case: Treadway v. Gateway Chevrolet Oldsmobile Inc.


The plaintiff, Tonja Treadway appeals the 12th April 2002 ruling by the District Court against the defendant Gateway Chevrolet Oldsmobile, Inc., where the motion by the latter to dismiss was granted (Buick, n.d.). The plaintiff alleges violation of ECOA (Equal Credit Opportunity Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) since Gateway failed to notify it of its failure to send their application to lenders.

Tonja received a direct mail from Chevrolet indicating that it was pre-approved to receive funds to buy a used car. The plaintiff called the listed number to inquire of its credit report in order to purchase the car via the defendant. Gateway informed her that it does not offer funds for the cars it leases or sell, but it organizes for financing from financial institutions. The defendant decided not to send the plaintiff’s funding application to other lenders, and never notified Treadway, instead it indicated that the funds were only available if she had a cosigner....