Dorothy Johnson - Behavioral Systems Model

Nursing is fundamental in the delivery of effective healthcare. Dorothy Johnson indicates the importance of nursing as a way of illness eradication in a society. I chose the theorist in order to understand the importance of research-based knowledge and the effects of nursing care to patients.

Background of Dorothy Johnson

She was born on 21st August 1919 in Savannah, Georgia among 6 other children. In 1938, Dorothy graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Armstrong Junior College in Georgia, after which she took one year off from schooling owing to the Great Depression. During this time, she taught two children in Miami, Florida, where she realized her passion for nursing, children and education.

Dorothy Johnson then joined Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and graduated in 1942 with a Bachelorís of Science in Nursing, and then Masterís Degree in Public Health from Harvard University in 1948. She was then employed in Public Health Nursing for one year before joinin...