Working in the US

Part 1

  1. What Are Some Challenges Associated with Working Conditions in Globalized Economy That Effect US Workers?

There are various challenges caused by globalization that affect U.S workers. They include;

  1. Reduced Wages For Unskilled And Semi-Skilled Workers

Globalization creates a shift in jobs around the globe leading to a reduced demand for U.S workforce. Usually most companies opt to workers in other nations who can do the same job at lower prices. Bivens (2013) outlined how the easiest tasks to outsource are those that require less or no training and education. These type of jobs can cheaply be performed by workforce available in the developing nations.  

  1. Cultural Understanding

Globalization directly impacts how international companies manage their operation in other countries. For instance, most of the US based companies would have to rely on U.S citizens to work in other cultures. Working with other communities calls on companies to address cross-cultural vari...