Assignment- Informative Preparation - Oral Communications/Research/P_407A_FA21_WE

Part 1 Audience Adaptation

Informative Speech Topic; Cambodia

Following the example in Chapter 5, create an Audience Adaptation Plan for your Informative

Speech topic.

The Audience Adaptation plan asks 6 questions. Respond to these questions here.

1. What is my audience's initial disposition toward my topic? The audience may be dismally informed about Cambodia. It can be expected that this speech will be largely informative with persuasive arguments.

What can I do to enhance audience interest? The speech will employ interesting factual data, statistics, and comparisons to capture the audience's interest.

2. What common ground do audience members share? Impact of lack/insufficiency of resources among populations.

How and Where can I use personal pronouns, rhetorical questions, and common experiences to enhance the perception of common ground? The impact of economic vulnerability, financial resources, and human assets.

3. How relevant will the audience find this material? The material will be v...