Zappos: An Experiment in Holacracy (Authors: Bryan Golden, Anusheel Pandey & James S. O’Rourke )

Holaracy at Zappos

The organizational management design adopted is a decisive determinant of the success or failure of a company. The design meshes or disrupts the smooth flow of operations between the organization and culture. The impacts of such influence are evident on the growth in performance and the overall work environment. Zappos establishment is praxis for the ideology carried forward through successive years, strategies, and change. The growth from a struggling Shoesite, rebranded into the multi-billion dollar name embodying the struggle, strife, and passion that gave its rise. Substantial growth from 2003 through to 2012 emanated from the close-knit customer focussed culture at Zappos. The change in structure disrupted the culture and setting, culminating in performance and enthusiasm attrition.

Problem Statement

Although Tony Hsieh’s visionary ideology of a city-like organizational growth worked in theory, it only resulted in goal readjustment and performance attrition. The...