Isaac Newton The Mathematician

Isaac Newton won many hats as a physician, a mathematician, an astronomer, an alchemist, a theologian and as a natural philosopher. He is regarded as one of the most influential men in the history of humankind owing to his discovery of various scientific and mathematical laws that are applied in our everyday life. Mathematics is especially one of the fields where he attained the most fetes by discovering various theories that play a pivotal role in today's modern field of mathematics. For instance, he developed the new Theory of light, the quantified gravitational approach and pioneered infinitesimal calculus all of which are fields that have immensely contributed to some of the discoveries and strides that have been made in a variety of fields in the modern day sciences and in the real world.

Newton’s approach to mathematics challenged the narrative previously held by the world at the time. For instance, he challenged the static geometry of the Greek by adopting calculus allowing engineers and mathematicians to comprehend how the law of motion and dynamic change interact around world objects and humans and on the orbit in attempt to explain how the planets are position. This law also created a new dynamic to the discovery of motion in fluids.

How His Mathematics Contributed to This World

The discovery of calculus influenced the limit of mathematics and played a very significant role in how we understand the world around us while also set a pace to allow other scientists to develop their own theories. As Neil Degrasse explained, he created a platform that accommodated other inventors to fulfil their ideas. The application of calculus in the modern world paved way for the understanding of concepts such as motion, electricity, heat, light, acoustics, harmonics, astronomy and dynamics. It also gave way to the understanding of discoveries such as the Einstein theory of relativity to find an optimal solution.

Newton also allowed the world to predict functions such as reaction rates or radioactive decay all of which are significant in the modern world owing to the level of technology that has been adopted. In the organisation capacity, calculus plays a very important role in determining and computing the marginal cost alongside to the marginal revenue enabling the company to anticipate and predict the maximum profit. In its simplest definition, infinitesimal calculus empowers the world to understand the rate of change of functions alongside to the specific variables.

Importance of Mathematics

Everything in our modern world from the budgeting in government to allocation of resources have or rely largely on concepts of calculus in the field of statistics. Government also rely extensively on the power of calculus to formulate research is the birth and death rate allowing them to forecast the future by determining and predicting changes such as the rate of population growth, the number of patients in a hospital all of which are very essential in presenting essential data for making much more enriched decisions. Calculus especially plays an essential role in explaining how government conduct specific functions. On the hand, politicians rely on the power of calculus to predict voters choice of a candidate to enable them to determine the chances of getting a vote and allow them to re-strategize on how well to adapt to the changes in their preference.