[Solved] Experience Design and Management for Tourism, Hospitality and Events

1.0.        Introduction

This paper offers a portfolio of a Mozambican tourist destination, Bazaruto Archipelago. In 2018, visited Mozambique to explore the islands and coastlands in the country. Undoubtedly, Bazaruto Archipelago has stunningly marvellous places for tourists to experience and in the future, I would visit this tourist destination again. This portfolio, delivers a comprehensive assessment of Bazaruto Archipelago as a tourist destination using information obtained from secondary research. The portfolio will provide a detailed reflection of relevant design and experience management theories related to this tourist destination.

Bazaruto Archipelago comprises five islands (Bangue, Bazaruto, Santa Carolina, Benguerua, and Mararuque). These islands are situated 20 km off Mozambique’s coast at longitudes 35°22’ - 35°30’ E and latitudes 21°30’ - 22°10’S. When travelling using a dhow, a fishing boat commonly used by fishermen in Mozambique as illustrated in table 2, one would take up to two hours to reach these islands. This Mozambican coastland offers a rich diversity of Arabic and Portuguese influence, rendering it one of a fascinating and gorgeous destination in tropical Africa. 

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