[Solved] HIM 675-4-2 Final Project Milestone One: Annotated Bibliography

4-2 Final Project Milestone One: Annotated Bibliography

1.      Introduction

A.    Quality Care Issue

One of the greatest challenges facing St. Mary s Maternity Hospital is understaffing. The hospital has invested poorly in midwives despite the increasing demand for maternity services. Understaffing of the maternity unit has impacted negatively the quality of maternity care delivered to pregnant women visiting the hospital. Furthermore, understaffing increases the workload of midwives working at the hospital, which leads to burnout, stress, depression, demoralization, and low productivity among midwives, which adversely affects their work performance and the quality of maternity care delivered. Understaffing and the fear of failing to provide safe maternity care have forced some of the midwives at St. Mary s Maternity Hospital to quit their job, further worsening the challenge of understaffing at the hospital and its negative impact on maternity care delivery and patient safety. St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital’s vision is to be the most trusted brand in delivering mother and neonate care services in India while its mission is to deliver the right maternal care the right way to achieve the right results. However, understaffing at the hospital has undermined the realization of this vision and mission due to the poor quality of maternal services delivered by its understaffed midwives, leading to poor performance in maternal services. 

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