Solved: Digital Marketing (Qatar)

Individual Assignment: Assessment Briefing

Worldwide eBikes, Inc.

Worldwide eBikes is a fictional company, however the challenge that is presented below is typical of the kind that an established business might face when looking to expand into new markets.

You are being asked as an external consultant appointed by the board of Worldwide eBikes, to present your recommendations regarding their strategic digital marketing plan for launching their products into Australia, as described below.

Consultants Briefing: Prepared by the Marketing Director of Worldwide eBikes

The Board of Worldwide eBikes are very keen to break into new geographic markets, including Australia.  If we decide to pursue this opportunity, we would hope to sell bikes both in our own e-commerce store, and through retail partners.

We haven’t promoted our products in this area of the world before, so we would appreciate your insights and guidance.

I convinced the Board that we should spend some budget on research and I am delighted to have been able to secure some of your time on this.  

The Task

I need you to prepare a written report that I can take to the Board.  Many Board members have a fairly basic knowledge of the internet and we need a much better understanding of digital marketing and the potential of expanding into Australia if we are to be confident of spending money on this.

I have prepared a list of questions that I would like you to address in your report and look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Important note: please remember to fully explain and justify all recommendations that you make.  Include details and examples, and evidence of your own research undertaken, with illustrations such as screenshots or data as you see fit.  Provide definitions for any technical terms that someone unfamiliar with digital marketing might not immediately understand.

  1. What do you think of the current opportunities for marketing eBikes in Australia?  Is it something we should be excited about and can you show us evidence to support your opinion?  We understand that you can use various online tools to look at search trends and keywords, and also to evaluate the current competition, so we’d appreciate your insights from these.
  • We need to acquire an in-depth understanding of our audience.  We know that persona research is really helpful for this.  Please explain how you’d go about doing the research to create audience personas for the Australian e-bike market, and provide three practical benefits of how having really well thought-out examples would assist our business launch there.
  • If we decide to pursue this opportunity, we will need to quickly create awareness and “buzz” around our products.  Please provide your in-depth recommendations for two strategies that we should undertake as our top priorities for effective short-term results, together with your justification for these choices.  These can include website development, using any of the various digital marketing channels, and digital advertising.  Remember that the Board needs your specific, detailed ideas and examples for each strategy that relate to our business, and not generic advice.
  • Finally, the Board is very concerned with appropriate fiscal oversight.  We realise the importance of analytics reports in determining which of our chosen strategies are effective and which might need to be modified or even discontinued.  Please list four KPIs that would help to evaluate your previous recommendations (i.e. 2 KPIs for each strategy), describe how you would report on them using Google Analytics, and the insights that each one could provide.

Report Specifications

Font: Arial 12 point

Spacing: 1.5

Length: 3,000 words +/- 10% (+ a maximum addition of 2 pages of appendices)

Accurately cite all sources using Harvard style referencing (use footnotes)

Submission Deadline

Fulltime students:  Saturday, February 1st, 2020

Part-time students:  Saturday, February 8th, 2020