Solved: MGT 550 Module Two Assignment Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: Using the Communications Template, identify two overall issues that are present in the final project case that can be addressed using internal and external communications. To access the final project case study, “Financial Reporting in the Catholic Church,” refer to the HBR coursepack link in your syllabus.

For each issue, note the red flags that contribute to the issue and list those factors in the first column in the template. For each factor, identify potential communications that would need to be developed to address that component of the issue, the audience that would need to be reached with the communication, and the objective for the communication.

From this template, select one of the two issues to focus on for the purpose of your final project, and develop the ideas you have noted for Milestone One.
Use this Communications Planning resource to assist you in completing the template.
For each overall issue you identified in the final project case study, complete the following fields:
I. Contributing factors to issue
II. Communication messages and channels required to address issue
III. Audience for communication (internal, external, or both)
IV. Communication objectives
Note: You will select one of the two issues from this template for the final project, but will focus on both issues for this assignment.
Guidelines for Submission: Submit your completed template for grading.