Reasoning and Logical Fallacies

2.1 Discussion

2.1 Discussion


Identify and critique the method of reasoning and logical fallacies


Review the articles on pages 166-185 in Practical Argument about free speech and the extent to which it should be free. This topic is essential to the major paper that concludes Unit 2. As you read, pay close attention to argument strategy.

Choose three of the articles, and answer the following questions:

1. What is the thesis of the article? Is it explicit or implicit?

2. Does the author use primarily inductive or deductive reasoning? If the author uses an inductive argument, evaluate its strength. If the author uses a deductive argument, evaluate its soundness.

3. Can you recognize any logical fallacies?

Tip: Please read the lesson on inductive and deductive reasoning first.

Due: Wednesday, Week 2

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