Exploring the psychological basis of human-environment relationships

Details Research report 1: Due Date: 11pm Tuesday April 6, 2021 Word limit: 1500 words (+/- 10%) excluding reference list, interviewee quotes and trans?r?pts of interviews

Submission: Electronic copy submitted online through LMS (in the Assignments link)

Assessment weighting: 35% of final grade. Penalty for unauthorised late submission: 5% per day

Objective: The objective of this assignment is to explore and understand some factors that shape human-environment relationships. You will assess how theories regarding biological and social aspects of human-environment relationships do (or do not) help explain the way one person describes their relationship with an environment, or a non-human species.

Learning outcomes: Through completing this assignment, you will develop: a deeper understanding of theories of human-environment relationships and how these apply to topics of interest to you a better understanding of how people relate to environments basic research skills for understanding human-environment interactions, including: introductory level skills in qualitative data collection and analysis skills for reporting social scientific information and applying this to questions about human-environment interactions Task In this project you research the factors that shape a personís relationship with a specific place, type of environment or a non-human species. You will answer the general research question: In what ways do biological and social factors shape one personís relationship with a place or type of environment or a non-human species?