The Role of Women in Cyrupaedia-Xenophon


  1. Topic: Discuss the role of women in Cyrupaedia-Xenophon
  2. If you simply can’t read the whole thing of Cyrupaedia-Xenophon, then read to page 174; plus 191, 227-33, 243-45, 282-84, and then the final book describing what happens after Cyrus conquers Babylon.
  3. The mini-papers can develop a single point, or you can break them into 2-3 unrelated paragraphs, each making some observation/analysis regarding the relevant text.
  4. Go straight to the point. No need intro and conclusion. Focus on “point” itself

Grading: Grammar, proof-reading, punctuation all count. Clarity and good analysis counts a lot. Don’t be too general and vague!

Poem reading tips ?Also, remember that “want” always means LACK. “I want bread” means I don’t have any, not that I desire some. This is true of all early modern texts.

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