Behavior of a Fictional Law-Breaker

Project Guidelines

Overview: Students will complete a project worth 50 points that applies a theory to the behavior of a fictional law-breaker. This project will allow you to (1) demonstrate your understanding of the concepts covered in class, (2) demonstrate your ability to apply concepts and theories to a novel situation, and (3) engage with course material in a creative-as-desired way.

Format: This project has no required format. It can be an essay. It can be a PowerPoint presentation. It can be a recorded speech. As long as all components are addressed, it can take any format. Be as creative as you want!


  • Identify a law-breaking fictional character.
  • Identify a criminological theory that explains the character’s behavior.
  • Discuss the theory, including its propositions for why people commit crime and its empirical support.
  • Apply the theory to the character’s background/behavior.
  • Explain how the character’s law breaking may have been prevented in accordance with the theory.

Submission:  All accepted file types are listed at this link:


This project is worth 60 points. You will be graded using the following breakdown:

Identification of the character and theory — 5 points

Discussion of theory — 15 points

Application of theory — 15 points

Explanation of prevention possibilities — 10 points

Presentation quality and polish — 5 points

Criminology Theories

Deterrence and Rational Choice Theory

Psychological Theories of Crime

Routine Activities Theory

Social Disorganization Theory

Social Learning Theory

Strain Theories