Week 3 Assignment:3.2

For this assignment, you must find an online article about social media and privacy OR social media and free speech. First, identify the website where your source was found, and evaluate it according to the following criteria:







Once you develop your assessment of the website, turn to the article. Do you believe this web article is appropriate to use in a formal academic essay? Why or why not? What about your website evaluation as well as your evaluation of the article itself helps you make your decision?

Please provide a Works Cited page to cite the online article you write about in this assignment.

Your paragraph(s) should be at least 300 words long.

Due: Wednesday, Week 3

Where do I post my work?  After drafting and saving your work in Word, please open the submission window (click on "Write Submission"), then cut and paste your work from your Word document right into the submission box below in the Assignments tool.

Please, do NOT submit an attachment and do NOT paste your work in the Comments window.

Please make sure all formatting remains intact.

If you  are not sure how to submit your work,  please review the video on how to submit an assignment  HERE.