Concrete-Operational & Formal-Operational Periods of Cognitive Development

In this assignment you will review the concrete-operational and formal-operational periods of cognitive development. You will review the various theories of intelligence and analyze the influence of hereditary and environmental factors on intelligence.


Identify the distinguishing characteristics of cognitive development in middle childhood Determine how heredity and environment can influence intelligence


In a 3-5 page paper describe the concrete-operational and formal-operational periods. Provide an example from your life that illustrates each stage. After reviewing Gardner and Sternberg’s theories of intelligence describe what you think is missing from each theory, ensure you use outside research to support your thoughts. Evaluate the contributions of nature (heredity) and nurture (environment) to intelligence. Which factors do you believe are most influential? Choose at least 2 factors from each side of the debate. Does nature or nurture have a greater contribution to intelligence? What research supports your position? Should gifted, traditional, and special needs children be educated in the same classroom? Why or why not? What are the pros and cons of the integrated classroom? To complete this assignment be sure to address each of the following elements: Describe the concrete-operational period. Provide an example. Describe the formal-operational period. Provide an example.

Review Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Describe what you would add to improve this theory.

Review Sternberg’s Triarchic Theory. Describe what you would add to improve this theory. Evaluate the genetic/hereditary and environmental factors that influence intelligence. Identify and describe 2 hereditary factors. Identify and describe 2 environmental factors. Determine your position on which set of factors (hereditary or environmental) has the most influence on intelligence. Briefly describe research that supports your position. Review the characteristics of the gifted, traditional, and special needs children. Summarize the pros and cons of the integrated classroom.

Assignment Submission: The use of outside resources is strongly recommended and all papers must be cited and written in APA format. It is recommended that you conduct research through our Online Library or use a scholarly internet search. Wikipedia is not allowed. Once you have completed the assignment, click the Submit Assignment option in the menu to the right and select a format for submitting your assignment. Click the Submit Assignment button when you are ready.