Wireless Sensor Networks and Systems

This survey paper will be focusing on “Sensor Motes for TinyOS”. Please search and find some documents, datasheet, papers on sensor motes that support TinyOS. A template of the survey paper will be provided soon. Here are the requirements for the survey paper:

1. The number of references should be larger than 8.

2. At least 6 sensor motes that support TinyOS should be covered in this survey paper. (extra credit for adding more motes)

3. The survey paper should be at least 4 pages (figures, tables, and texts count), double column, single space, font “Arial”, font size 11, put references in the last page which does not count for the “4 pages paper body”.

4. It is not allowed to copy the contents paragraph by paragraph from any references, you need to write in your own words after reading and understanding the contents.