ENL 102 | S2021 Project 3: Contributing to the Conversation


The third major project invites you to make your own argument about a significant aspect of our course theme, building from all of the work you’ve done. So  far this semester, you’ve researched, annotated, analyzed, and synthesized the ideas of others (Homework Discussions, Journals, and Projects 1 & 2). This final major assignment now asks you to put what you have learned from all of our class assignments together and develop an “I say” in response to the controversy (your research question in response to our course theme).

Project 3 is a persuasive academic argument in which you must accomplish the following tasks.

·    Argue a thesis/claim and persuade your audience (must be a real publication)

·     Demonstrate there is an ongoing debate on your chosen topic/question and establish the stakes

·     Frame controversy by describing at least two clear perspectives (groups of sources)=LITERATURE REVIEW

·     Synthesize the voices within those groups (your sources) –agreement and disagreement

·    MAP the controversy between the groups (strengths & weaknesses)

·     Identify “I Say”, your own position, whether that means  joining, combining or  creating a new group (MUST offer something NEW to the conversation)

·    Contribute new ideas/evidence to support “I Say” (draw from any kind of source—personal experience, original comparison or  example, a TedTalk, interviews, etc.)

·    Imagine and respond to all possible counter-argument to “I Say”