Evaluating the effectiveness of UK macroeconomic policies during the COVID-19 crises

Notes for students:

You are required to write an essay to evaluate the effectiveness of UK macroeconomic policies during the current COVID-19 crises.  Note that this is not a news report or news analysis. You need to use economic theories and models discussed in EC7090 to conduct the analysis in a critical manner, with appropriate references to the relevant research papers. This essay constitutes 75% of your overall mark.

The essay should not be more than 1500 words in length and the word count number should be correctly stated before the reference list in round brackets (limits are strict and a 0 mark will be returned if the limit is not observed). This approximately amounts to less than 6 pages in Times New Roman, single spaced at font size 12. Maths equations, graphs and reference list are not included in this limit.

Information on how to write a good essay can be found here on Blackboard. 

The typed literature review must be submitted electronically through the EC7090: The Macroeconomic Environment 2020-21 Sem 2 Final Coursework (75%) feature on Blackboard by 16th September 2021 at 3pm. The electronic submission MUST BE in Word. Please be aware that all work you submit will be screened using software designed to detect plagiarism.

Marking Criteria