Epic of Gilgamesh


What does the Epic of Gilgamesh suggest about the ancient Mesopotamian view of life?

What enduring human questions does the Epic grapple with? Choose one or two big questions to focus on.

What responses to those questions does the Epic suggest?

How, finally, does The Epic of Gilgamesh reflect the values and world view of the ancient Mesopotamians?

Support your assertions with cited evidence from the text.

Use an introduction. Your introduction should announce the enduring human question/aspect(s) of worldview you will explore.

Your introduction should establish a thesis—This should be an arguable statement of how you think the

Epic of Gilgamesh responds to your question about worldview. Use the body of your essay to support your thesis.

You should have 1-2 more specific ideas in support of your overall thesis. Use cited evidence from the text to illustrate your analysis and back up your interpretation.

Avoid simply summarizing plot—assume your primary audience is familiar with the text. Only bring up plot points to support your analysis. Use a conclusion to end your essay intentionally and close strongly (1 paragraph)