Assignment # 4 HRMA 3361 Hospitality Marketing

Assignment # 4

Preparation of Individual Project 

Purpose of this Assignment: 

This is an outline of your final individual project. You will use this assignment to prepare the backbone of the project.

  • Industry and the company analysis
  • State the reason why you select this company in such an industry.
  • Describe the basic information about both the company and the industry.
  • Customer analysis
  • Analyzing the customer of the selected company.
  • Company’s target customer.
  • Current customer’s characteristics (age, gender, social status, education, etc.)
  • SWOT analysis (Chart is the best way to describe the SWOT analysis)
  • Understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company.
  • Marketing strategies and tactics
  • Suggesting marketing strategies for future management.
  • Expected outcomes using suggested strategies.


  • Please answer the 4 questions above using bullet points.
  • Should be turned in on Blackboard with an attached word file.