Class presentation/ paper for Module 6

Class   presentation/   paper    for   Module 6   

Presentation/   paper   to   be    completed    :   

This module   is   on   the   Endocrine   System   and   the   Nervous   System.        

For this   assignment,   you   need    to   write   a   450-­‐500   word   paper   on    the   discussion   board,   or   do   a   20   slide   powerpoint on   one   of   the   illnesses   that   may   affect   one   of   these   systems.      Illnesses   are    discussed   in   the   module,   and   in   the   chapters.     

Following the   APA   guidelines   using   at   least   5 citations   and   3   references   including  

your   book   and   the   module   lecture.        

Answer the   following   questions   

What   is   the   illness   and   how   do   people   get    this?   How   does   a patient   get   this   illness?

What are   the   signs   and   symptoms   of   the   illness?   How   long   does   the   illness   last?  

What   can    you   do   to    prevent   this illness?  

What is   the   treatment   of   the   illness?  

What types   of   teaching   can   you   do   to   the   consumer   so   that   they   do   not   come   down  

with the   illness?     

Within you   paper   or   presentation   come   up   with   20   medical   terminology   terms   that   may   affect   this   condition   and   define   those   terms.   Terms   should   be   highlighted   and   defined   within the   document  

Reflect on   the   body   system   affected,   how   does   this   system   relate   to   this   condition.  

After you   write   the   paper,   please   respond   to   a   peers   paper,   with   feedback   and at  

least   2   new    points   that    were   not   discussed   in   peer’s     paper   and at   least   200   words.  

Each   student    should   do    a    separate   illness   please.   All   body   systems   should   be