Embedded Assessment: 4.1 - Writing an Analysis of a Piece of Writing

Embedded Assessment: 4.1 - Writing an Analysis of a Piece of Writing

Prompt: Your assignment is to write an analysis of a text from either this unit, or something you have read this school year (must be fictional). Your analysis should examine the choices made that serve the purpose of praise, mockery, or mourning (or a combination of them).

Due Date: Thursday, May 19th, at 4:00 PM

Planning and Prewriting: Questions to consider:

1.  How can you draft a thesis that explains the ways in which the purpose of praise, mockery, or mourning drives the text? What is the use of praise, mockery, or mourning, contributing to (think mood/tone/theme/etc)?

2.  What textual support can you find for your thesis?

3.  How can you use an outline to plan the structure of your essay?

Drafting and Revising:

1.  How will you introduce your topic, organize your ideas, and provide a thoughtful concluding statement?

2.  How will you integrate textual evidence from your literary text with commentary about how the evidence supports your thesis and topic sentences?

3.  How will you demonstrate your understanding of genre characteristics of literary texts?


1.  Review previous texts from this unit and this year to find a fictional text (or just a small part of the text)

that you want to use for the essay.

2.  Answer the planning and prewriting questions above.

3.  Outline

4.  Draft

5.  Seek Feedback

6.  Revise

7.  Submit