722.627 | Nursing with a Community Focus

Assessment Purpose:

Students will utilise the following skills to write a journal article that describes the process used to develop a new health education resource:

  • data collection and interpretation
  • problem solving and decision making
  • critical thinking
  • planning, drafting and testing
  • academic writing.

Assessment Task/Activities:

This assignment is linked to the development of a Health Education Resource. It requires you to identify a current health issue, research the need and develop a new health education resource for a specific client population.

The assignment provides key insights into the important role of the RN as a Health Promoter; in particular as a researcher, health educator and advocate.

Write a journal article which discusses each stage of the process of developing a new health education resource using the template provided (which has been adapted from Rauemi Atawhai)[1] as your guide.


Use the Journal Article Template (with headings) and the information provided within the template to help you write the assignment. This can be downloaded from CANVAS.

Format, Presentation and Referencing

  • The Journal Article Templates (Part A & Part B) provide you with the format, presentation and referencing requirements of the assignment (attach resource)
  • APA 7th Edition Referencing is to be used
  • The final and complete version of Part A & Part B of the assignment, excluding the reference list, must be submitted to Turnitin prior to submission for marking.
  • Text Box: Part B MUST include a copy of the FINAL
Health Education Resource to be marked.
You will also need to submit the FINAL version of the Health Education Resource into Turnitin.

Part B MUST include a copy of the FINAL

Health Education Resource to be marked.

[1] Ministry of Health (2012) Rauemi Atawhai: A guide to developing health education resources in New Zealand. Wellington: Ministry of Health.