Assignment #5 | Legal Concerns, Management and Location

I.Due Tuesday, November 12 @ 10:00AM

A.    Incorporated Company Name and Trade Name

What names will the company incorporate under and operate under (Week 9 Legal Concerns)


The purpose of this section is to indicate that you have the management skills to run a business.


  • A statement of your business vision and mission.
  • Short-term (one-year) and medium-term (three-year)
  • Marketing goals and objectives (e.g., sales);
  • Financial goals and objectives (e.g., profit);
  • Organizational goals and objectives (e.g., employee satisfaction).

2. Organization

  • A description of the legal structure of the business (e.g., corporation; partnership, general or limited; or sole proprietorship).
  • An organizational chart and a short narrative rationale for your organizational structure (if your business is to include several employees).

3. Leadership

  • Brief profile of the owners / operators of the business
  • What is the business philosophy?
  • What is the strategy for building working relationships with key consultants and professionals.
  • Your strategy for motivating your team to achieve business goals (e.g., involving the team in establishing and reviewing business goals and objectives, implementing a system of employee empowerment, or implementing a recognition or incentive system).
  • Keys to Success of the business

C. Location

This section explains why you have selected your location and how it satisfies the needs of your target customers and your business.

It outlines:

  • �How close or accessible your location is to the target market;
  • What distribution channels you plan to use to reach the target customer;
  • How the location satisfies the exterior and interior requirements of the business (if possible, include a floor plan or photos in an appendix);
  • How close the competition is to your location;
  • What the possibility for expansion is;
  • Whether the building is leased or owned, and, if there is a lease, whether it has been reviewed by a lawyer (include proof of ownership or a copy of the lease in an appendix);
  • Whether the location is in conformity with municipal bylaws and environmental regulations.