Macroeconomic Podcast

Beginning with this week’s Discussion, you are to choose a podcast related to macroeconomics, then choose a specific episode of that podcast. After listening to the podcast episode, you will then explain, what you have learned and how it relates to the nation and the world. You will then interact with at least two of your classmates, discussing what you have learned and what they have learned from their chosen podcast.

Obviously, your reference will be the name of, and link to, your podcast and the episode name. There are a number of podcasts that I can recommend, including the following: NPR’s Marketplace All-in-One NPR’s Planet Money Bloomberg’s Stephanomics The New Foundation’s Weekly Economics These are a few to which I enjoy listening. You are free to search ANY podcast sources that you prefer, as long as their subject relates to national or international economics. If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, just Google podcasts for your smart phone and then do a search for either one of my suggestions, or else search for “economics”. Please remember that, in the Discussion, it is important that you add YOUR personal comments, in addition to summarizing the podcast you chose. It is not enough to say what you heard.

You must also say why it is important. Tell your classmates things like: - important new things that you learned; - how you think that new knowledge impacts the entire economy; - how you think this knowledge will affect your daily life and the choices you make; and, - what action, if any, do you think the government, or society, should take as a result of what you learned. Do this and you will get the maximum value (and points) out of the time you put into these IMPORTANT discussions. I already did this podcast: Aronczyk, A. (2020). College fails. National Population Register: Planet money. it Turns out The Pandemic also Attacks the U.S. Dollar [Audio podcast episode]. In Marketplace All-in-One.

Duffin, K., Childs, M. (2020). Mask communication. National Population Register: Planet money. Marketplace. (2017). Morning Report. morning-report/us-dollar-decline-global-economy-black-latino-workers-unemployment- claims/

So pick any podcast that relates to macroeconomics but not the ones above.