Unit 8 Assignment: Applying the Marketing Mix

Applying the Marketing Mix

All four elements of the marketing mix work together as a team. It is often suggested that one weak element in the marketing mix can significantly impact marketing success. In other words, a marketing mix is only as strong as its weakest link. Companies that provide a clear and unique selling proposition different from their competitors are more successful.

The following Course Outcomes are assessed in this assignment:

MT450-4: Evaluate the Marketing Mix for a product.

GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

Choose one of the ASG products from one of the three product lines provided for the youth product line for ages 10 and up or children’s products for ages 5–9. Do some investigation as to the current marketing mix of the children’s or youth product line you chose using the CSR database information, and evaluate the marketing mix as you ascertain it to be for the products.

Make sure to address all the checklist items and requirements before submitting your response.


  • Determine the existing marketing mix (i.e., the four P’s) for one children’s or youth product from the product line you chose.
  • Evaluate the existing marketing mix for the chosen youth or children’s product. Are each of the 4 Ps what they should be, based on the CSR database information, pricelist, reading, and your research online? Should ASG consider geofencing for promotion and possibly partnerships for greater promotion and distribution of the chosen children’s or youth product you chose?
  • Choose a brand’s product that directly competes with your chosen ASG youth or children’s product. How does the competition’s product 4 Ps compare?
  • ASG is considering changing their distribution (Place) and channel strategy for the entire children’s or youth product line. Analyze the CSR database and determine what changes might be recommended based on your analysis.
  • Support your contentions with data provided, your Internet research, and your readings.

In a minimum 500-word expository essay in APA format and citation style with additional title and reference pages, address the following checklist items and requirements.

Make sure to also address the following requirements:

  • Use current APA format and citation style and include an additional reference and title page (see the Unit 1 reading area for APA assistance).
  • Limit the use of direct quotations; instead, paraphrase and cite the author s work.
  • Use Standard English and demonstrate superior organization, and use communication that is highly ordered, logical, and unified.
  • Use correct spelling and grammar.
  • Reinforce your personal opinions with outside viable references, and cite all works using APA citation style.

Submit your response to the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox.