Solved: Assignment 1 Critical analysis of source(s)

For this task you will carry out a Critical Analysis of a journal article. When completing this task consider the questions from the checklist in Cottrell from the chapter on Critical Analytic Thinking. Critical analysis Reading list: Freidberg, S. (2003). Cleaning up down South: Supermarkets, ethical trade and African horticulture, Social & Cultural Geography, 4, 27–43. Porter, M, & Kramer, M. (2011). Creating shared value. Harvard Business Review, 89 (1/2), 62-77 Sikka, P. (2010). Smoke and mirrors: Corporate social responsibility and tax avoidance. Accounting Forum, 34, 153-168. Choose ONE of the articles from the above reading list and provide a more detailed evaluation of the resource using the following questions as a guide:
  • The source and context of the article: Where is it published? What is its purpose? Who is the intended audience? Is the source reliable? Is the source up-to-date, and is this important?
  • What is the article about, and what issues does it raise or deal with?
  • What is your response to the content of the article, and to the way it is presented? Does the purpose or intended audience of the article/resource have any impact on how information is presented?
  • Is there any background information that you need to consider?
  • Does the article provide evidence to support the points it is making?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of how the article presents its subject matter? Is one perspective on the issue presented or are a number of perspectives presented?
  • If you wanted to investigate the subject more deeply what additional research might you do?
Your analysis should be in essay form, making use of paragraphs rather than sub-headings.  Assessment criteria Your work will be marked and graded taking account of the Generic Assessment Criteria. Work should not exceed the word limit (1200 words +/- 10%)