Solved: Leadership Theory and Nursing Leadership

For this assignment, you will choose a leadership theory that aligns with your philosophy on nursing leadership. Reflect on how you have grown throughout your nursing career, including the time you have spent pursuing your baccalaureate degree. Choose a leadership theory that best matches your beliefs as a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse. Define and explain your chosen leadership theory. Discuss how your leadership philosophy has evolved throughout your nursing career and how you envision yourself as a leader in the future. Provide examples of how you have and will use this theory as a nurse leader. 


All written assignments must be typed (double-spaced), and APA style must be used where appropriate. This is a personal philosophy; therefore, you may write in first person. References should not be older than five years, except in cases where the reference is considered a classic in the particular field.

1.Submit this assignment as a Word document Outcome: Completeness of discussion of leadership theory: includes citations from current theory and research. Minimum of two references in addition to text. Provides example of the theory in practice.


65.0 EXCELLENT Accurately describes leadership theory, concise, using textbook, journals and books, detailed description, relates leadership theory to current practice and how currently uses or plans to use theory, gives specific examples.

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAppropriateness of content: reflects present and future of nursing from the student’s perspective.
30.0 pts EXCELLENT Describes personal growth in leadership, describes future development of personal leadership in professional nursing.
Presentation of report: APA format, syntax, typing, grammar, spelling, punctuation, writing style. Body of the paper generally four to six pages.
35.0 pts EXCELLENT Perfect APA citations with correct grammar and spelling, interesting writing style, engaging, easy to read.