Solved: Poetry Analysis

Answer each of the following questions in a thoroughly-developed paragraph. You must post your initial response by 11:59 pm on Sunday, November 10. Then you must respond to the original posts of at least two classmates by 11:59 pm on Wednesday, November 13. 1. In the poem ″The Facebook Sonnet,″ does Sherman Alexis present a positive or negative view of social media? Why does he say that we use it? What effects does he suggest that social media has on our ability to communicate authentically? Give at least two direct references to the poem in your response. Then do a quick Google search about this author. He has been in the news VERY recently. In fact, here is the link to his official website. Notice the name of it and read his story. (Links to an external site.) And here is a recent news article from March 4, 2018. (Links to an external site.) How does knowing this information about Alexie inform or change your reading of this poem? 2. Why might Marge Piercey have chosen the title ″Barbie Doll″ for her poem? Beyond the literal toy, what does the title imply to you? 3. ″We Wear the Mask″ was written in 1895. ″Barbie Doll″ was written in 1973. ″The Facebook Sonnet″ was written in 2011. These poems were written in three different centuries, yet they touch on a topic that spans the centuries. What is the human condition that these poems explore? What theme(s) do they all have in common? Solution [sdm_download id="1497" fancy="0"] [sdm_download_counter id="1497"]