Solved: IT 320 Lab 10: Configuring a Virtual Private Network With Open VPN Guidelines and Rubric

You will be completing several labs throughout this course. For each lab, you will also complete a lab worksheet and submit it to your instructor for grading. Completing a lab report worksheet for each lab will document your experiencesin the lab and provide your instructor evidence of your ability to engage in the various tasks in the lab. Completing these labs, documenting your work in the lab worksheets, and addressing any feedback from your instructor will also help ensure you have the core skills necessary to engage in the milestones and final project lab. If you are having a problem completing the task, do as much of the task as possible and provide an explanation as your description with a screenshot of your result in order for your instructor to provide feedback so you are clear on the task and feel confident moving forward into your milestones and final project. Prompt: In your worksheet, use one to two sentencesto describe each of the two key tasks and include a screenshot that illustrates each as identified below. You MUST include a screenshot for each element: 1. Section: Installing the Linux Firewall: Install the Linux Endian Firewall Community, configure it as a VPN server, and configure clients. Take a screenshot that illustrates Step 36 in this section. 2. Section: Configuring the VPN Server and Client: Configure the VPN server, create a certification, and install a client. Take a screenshot that illustrates Step 52 in this section. The sections in this lab are lengthier than the previous  labs you completed. Ensure you understand the purpose behind each step as this knowledge is important as you move forward in the course. Consult the reading or your instructor if you have questions.