Solved: 3304 Chapter 8 Project

1. Large contractor has a need for $100,000,000 of completed operations liability coverage. However, their liability insurance carrier cannot provide this limit of insurance without reinsurance. These options are available to the underwriter. What would be the lowest combination of insurance and reinsurance that would provide one hundred million dollars in coverage. This will be per occurrence only, ignoring any aggregates. (6 Points)

2. Insurer X insures a large number of small property accounts with average premiums of $1,000. The policies range from a low of $600 to a high of $1,400 premium. Insurer X wants to grow but is inhibited by statutory surplus requirements. As the reinsurer, what kind of treaty reinsurance program would you recommend for insurer X and why. (8 points)

3. Insurer Y has decided to expand its personal lines auto and home insurance program from the middle west to the southern states, including the gulf coast states. Insurer Y has good experience with wind claims because of tornados in the middle west. While it expects similar tornado losses in many of the southern states, it is more concerned with hurricanes. As Insurer Y’s reinsurer what kind of treaty reinsurance program would you recommend for auto and home insurance and why. (8 Points)

4. Insurer Z has just been capitalized and is licensed in just one state as a mutual company. Z will write property insurance in rural areas especially for farmers and their extended families. While its limits of insurance are small, it wants the capability of providing higher limits for more substantial farms and homes. As Z’s reinsurer what kind of reinsurance programs would you recommend and why. (8 Points