Solved: Engineering Essay

Write a short introduction (two pages), that defines a technical concept related to any topic from the main text in this course (Goetsch).

For example, one could examine roles and responsibilities of construction managers, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, procurement, risk management, project controls, or people skills.

The paper must be suitable for the intended audience: interested and well-educated construction professionals, but not a highly technical or academic audience. Literature review of academic and/or professional journals.

Write a three-four page review of the literature on your chosen topic. The purpose of this section is to: Convey to the reader what knowledge and ideas have been established on these topics. What authors have taken interest in this line of research and what contemporary ideas and/or practices are they wrestling with now?

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the sources you use. What arguments are being presented and how do these ideas compare? Which ideas from the literature are most compelling and highly developed?

Set the stage for the main topic of the paper. How does the literature relate to the context of this paper and your chosen topic within construction?

Possible topics may include, but not be limited to (as indicate above as well): Ethical considerations Utilizing BIM and VDC, in general Analysis of software packages utilized in the industry Critical analysis.

Write a four-five page analysis that examines, opportunities, developments, and challenges in construction within the context you have chosen.

The analysis must include: A framework (chart, graph, matrix, etc.) that provides a comparative illustration or a means to quantify a contribution/impact to practice.

A written appraisal of the effectiveness or negative impact that the topic has had on industry. An appraisal of the financial benefits (or lack thereof) for industry and/or companies.

A narrative summary that makes a clear argument for a practice that will improve estimating within industry and thoughts on other practices that should be explored (including reasons why).

Note: Papers must have title and reference pages with proper citations throughout using APA.

Papers must have 1” margins with double spacing and 12-point font in Times New Roman.