Solved: 4-2 Lab 5: Social Engineering

Social engineering is a technique that attackers use to entice individuals, often with a lack of knowledge of computer security, to run programs, click links, or give out sensitive information. This lab demonstrates how social engineering techniques can be utilized. Review this visual aid and your lab guidelines and rubric document to walk through tips for how to engage with your lab as well as the guidelines for how you will be scored on your lab activities. IMPORTANT: Each lab has a time limit and must be completed in one sitting. Labs cannot be paused or saved and later resumed. The time limit is displayed at the top of the lab screen. Once time expires, your lab environment will be reset and all information within the lab will be lost. To take a screenshot with Windows, use the Snipping Tool. To take a screenshot on a Mac, use Command + Shift + 4.  Log in to InfoSec and complete Lab 5: Social Engineering. The directions for each lab are included in the lab environment. For each lab, you will be completing a lab worksheet on which you will answer questions about your experience in the lab and submit screenshots of the laboratory results as evidence of your findings. Each lab begins with a broad overview of the topic being covered in the lab, and then you will progress through each section of the lab. Within each section, you will be asked to submit a screenshot of your results. The specific step that requires a screenshot is noted in the individual rubric for each lab. When you reach the step indicated in the rubric, take a screenshot of it and paste it into the appropriate section of your lab worksheet. There may be multiple screenshots required. Carefully read and follow the prompt provided in the rubric for each lab.