Solved: Designing a Curriculum Evaluation Plan

Curriculum evaluation can be both an internal and external process. Curriculum evaluation is critical to achieving student success. Curriculum evaluation compares the outcomes of a program to set standards. The purpose of this assignment is to apply the principles of curriculum evaluation to planning evaluation activities for the curriculum project. Students will write a 2 page paper that describes an evaluation plan for the curriculum project. Students will select; (1) an evaluation model, (2) determine which aspects of the curriculum will be evaluated, (3) decide on data to collect and from whom, and (4) determine the frequency of data collection as well as (5) how data will be recorded and maintained. * The writing style for this paper must conform to the current edition (6th) of the APA manual. In addition, use of correct grammar and sentence construction, proper format and structure, and adequate and clear expression of ideas are elements that will be included in the grading process. A grading rubric is provided. Each student will submit his or her paper to the assignment link.