Solved: Article Critique Based on PICO Question

This assignment will require you to take your PICO question AND use 5 articles related to your PICO and place them in a table for analysis. 

You will critique each article and identify the most important parts of the research, analysis, and findings.

Then, you will summarize the articles by grading the research, and identifying gaps in the literature, as well as possible interventions (see file with grading rubric and examples).


  1. Using your PICO question, next gather 5 research articles on your topic: be sure to save them and submit them along with the matrix;  please make sure the articles are PDF documents
  2. Review sample matrixes and summaries
  3. Use ONE matrix table- one for EACH article and critique the parts of the article using the rubric.
  4.  Be sure to identify the evaluation tool used to grade the evidence such as Joanna Briggs Institute Checklists  or CASP . There are other tools out there but these might be helpful to start with.  
  5. Identify where there are issues with the articles and what gaps were not addressed with the research; be prepared this may change the way you look at your topic or may result in a slightly different direction for your area of interest. This is ok- that is what you want to accomplish with this assignment
  6. For this assignment you will turn in the matrix tables, summary, references and pdf copies of your 5 articles.